Fluting Tool - M005

This tool is used to flute grooves on leather hard pots. Length is 7 inches long with two different sizes of loop to create different width and depth of groove. It is made from steel, oil hardened and tempered. It is rust proof and durable for professional potters. 



Fluting is most easily done on cylindrical forms, but it can be very beautiful on spherical or hemispherical forms such as bottles, jars or bowls. Fluting should be done when the pot is soft, but firm enough to be handled. A smooth, fine textured body is the best - the technique is most often used with porcelain.

Fluted stoneware vase. China, Sung dynasty, Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. The precise, closely spaced fluting is subtly emphasized by a dark drown glaze which is lighter where it has run thin on the raised edges.
Salt-glazed fluted vase. Very subtle, delicate fluting was done by Sung dynasty Chinese potters; the shallow, parallel grooves are usually vertical, but they are sometimes curved or diagonal to create a spiral effect. 


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